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US Court Ruling in Apple-Samsung Case Divulges Secret Information

On Friday, due to an error committed by the Court, information that wasn't supposed to come out got leaked which says that Apple and Samsung Electronics have attempted to hide some information from the public regarding their on-going patent infringement lawsuit.

The leaked material seems less important from the point of view of information related to the companies, however, from the point of view of court procedure it is important.

Apple's effort to stop the sale of Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets in US received a big blow when District Judge Lucy Koh denied the claims put forth by Apple. However, the ruling inadvertently contained few details, which the judge intended to "black out". Upon realisation of the error the court staff sealed the document and posted a "redacted version" after four hours.

Reuters, however, got the full version of the document while it was available for the public. The document does not have details of technical working of iPad or anything else regarding it. On the other hand, it has internal analysis of the company and also some details of Apple's patent licensing relation with rest of tech companies.

The lawsuit filed by Apple is scheduled for trial in 2012 and after the ruling on Friday Samsung can continue with the sale of Galaxy product for the time being in US.