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US Trade Commission To Announce Apple-HTC Case Outcome on December 14

The US International Trade Commission is expected to announce its decision on the Apple-HTC patent infringement lawsuit next week, with many preparing themselves for the possibility that HTC devices might be banned in the United States.

The Taiwanese smartphone maker attained massive success in the US with its early Android devices. Apple, which believes that Android is based on technology stolen from iOS, chose to make an example out of HTC and filed a lawsuit against the company.

Out of the four patents cited by Apple in the lawsuit, two of them could prove to be HTC's bane after an ITC judge ruled that the company had violated these patents. The ITC was expected to announce its final ruling on today, but pushed the date forward to December 14 reports The Wall Street Journal.

HTC tried to counter Apple with lawsuits of its own and even acquired S3, which claimed to have patents which Apple had violated. However, the ITC ruled that Apple did not violate S3 patents and HTC was forced to reconsider its acquisition.

The company also tried to use the patents it had acquired from Google but to no avail.

A ban on HTC phones, which seems certain, would see the company pulling out of the US market till the time it removes the offending technology from the devices and re-introduces them with a work around. The company would also have to ensure that future devices don't carry the infringing technology as well, in case the US ITC rules in favour of Apple.