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Virgin Media Introduces New Corporate Broadband Packages in UK

Virgin Media has launched new network packages for businesses in the UK.

As of now, rivals BT and Cable & Wireless dominate the corporate broadband connections market, but Virgin hopes to change all that with its new services.

The company plans to offer packages with unconstrained bandwidth at flat prices so organisations don't have to keep upgrading their network based on existing needs, Reuters reports.

Virgin, which offers home broadband, TV and mobile services, announced plans to offer three new corporate broadband packages for British businesses which will come with fixed speeds and fixed prices.

The company said its corporate broadband plans were based on research conducted, which claim that organisations were in constant need of connection upgrades based on their requirements.

Virgin Media believes that as network usage by employees increases and as more data hungry devices become available, companies will have to deal more often with rising costs.

"This will take the guesswork out of things. People are always trying to plan capacity and they're trying to optimise their cost position," Virgin Media Business's managing director, Mark Heraghty told Reuters. "