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Xbox 360 Tops Gaming Console Sales Chart, Analyst Says

Microsoft's Xbox 360 was the largest selling gaming console in the United States market in November.

According to c|net, Michael Pachter, an analyst at Wedbush, said in a note to clients that Microsoft had sold 1.44 million Xbox 360 units in November.

The research note said the sales figures in November were 5 per cent more than the sales figure in the same month last year. Microsoft sold more units than rivals Nintendo and Sony. The Wii sold 1.05 million units while the PlayStation 3 sold 750,000 units, an increase of 41 per cent from last year.

The major push in the Xbox 360 sales came from the blockbuster Black Friday week, in which Microsoft sold 960,000 Xbox units and 750,000 Kinect units.

Despite the promising sales figures, Pachter said that it won't pull the US video games market out of its misery.

"The crowded release schedule triggered competitive behaviour, with more marketing spending than we have seen in past Novembers, and we think that the huge marketing push from publishers and competitive retail climate could help sales throughout December," Pachter wrote in the research note.

"With that said, it is almost a certainty that 2011 will end up as the third consecutive year for declining software sales" he added.