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£142.45 3view HD 500GB PVR with Hi-Def BBC iplayer

3View presents the HD 500GB PVR that brings to contemporary designed based on British innovation and lets you experience stunning picture quality with an easy to use interface.

The onboard Dual HD Tuner lets you enjoy HD channels onto your HD TV free of cost. Being a dual TV tuner, you can watch one channel while one of your other favourite programs is getting recorded. With 500 GB storage on the PVR, you won't run out of space overnight and will be able to store quite a lot of your favourite programs.

Beyond the conventional TV experience, you will also be able to use your home internet and accress great internet content through 3View. The PVR allows you to 'trick play' live TV as well as watch one and record one Digital Video Recording. Search the programme guide using the intuitive and impressive user interface.

3view has one of the only HD ready iplayer service that is far more better than the live TV quality. YouTube player is built-in to the system. You can tweet while watching TV. You can even view your home movies by attaching a USB drive or browse your music, photos and video collections over your home network.

The 3view HD 500GB PVR with Hi-Def BBC iplayer is available from Amazon for £142.45.