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£769 Panasonic TXP50ST30 3D 50" Plasma Television with TY-EW3D3ME 3D Glasses

The Panasonic TXP50ST30 is a Full-HD 3D Plasma TV that offers Superb Picture Quality for 2D and 3D, and Advanced Networking Capabilities.

Talking about the video output, the combination of fast switching phosphors used in the Neo Plasma panels and an original light-emitting process minimises crosstalk (double images) to deliver crystal clear 3D images with the comfort factor of viewing is maintained. Beyond the enhanced 3D picture experience, this technology also helps to improve 2D picture quality.

The 600Hz Sub-field Drive along with Intelligent Frame Creation Pro technology brings out smooth, fluid, on-screen motion. The intelligent algorithms used by Panasonic process picture of fast moving sequences in videos, movies and games to reproduce frames for ultra-crisp sports, film and game action.

Brightly lit locations in the plasma panel reproduce the images with smooth, natural gradation and deep, rich blacks - even when viewed in bright surroundings.

VIERA Connect brings a whole lot of entertainment content to the table and allows you to enjoy video and music, sports, games, and a variety of other content in addition to the standard movies and TV programmes on a high-quality large-screen TV.

Some of the connectivity options are HDMI, USB, composite video output and input, LAN, etc.

Weymouth HIFI is offering the Panasonic TXP50ST30 3D 50" Plasma Television with TY-EW3D3ME 3D Glasses for £769.