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7digital music download app coming to Microsoft Windows Phone 7 mobile phones and also to America

Popular UK music download service 7digitial has announced that it is expanding its mobile client range in partnership with Microsoft, where an application is due to arrive on Windows Phone 7 devices in 2012.

7digital has a catalogue of 17 million tracks which can all be downloaded and listened to without leaving the application, when the software arrives next year in 35 different countries that include the USA, Europe and Asia.

The Windows Phone 7 app will join the existing portfolio of Android, BlackBerry, an HTML5 mobile store and the regular computer based version.

7digital's ‘all-in-one' app will include: discover, where users can browse music by genre, new releases, artist, track or album names; with the ability to preview 30 to 90 seconds of all the tracks; an in-app store purchase feature to easily browse, purchase and download music to a Windows device, whilst still listening to music.

Music tracks are downloaded in a compressed, lower quality format when using a cellular network for instant playback, although when a WIFI connection is available, a 320kbps version can be upgraded to.

Users can also access and synchronise tracks stored locally on a device, to and from their 7digital cloud locker whilst playlists can be created and managed from within the application as well.

7digital's music offering will now compete with Nokia's Music app, with access to 14 million tracks and Microsoft's own Zune offering - only time will tell if the music market on WP7 handsets is big enough for them all to operate within, successfully.