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90% Fibre Broadband Cover in UK Could Take 6 Years Says BT

UK telecom giant BT has claimed that bringing fibre optic based broadband to 90 per cent of the country could take around 6 years.

According to ZD Net, the announcement was made by BT CEO Ian Livingston to UK Prime Minister David Cameron and the cabinet of ministers.

"Within the next five or six years, fibre-based services could be available to more than 90 per cent of UK premises with the majority able to access broadband speeds of up to 100Mbps or above," he told the ministers who were visiting the company's research centre in Adastral Park, Suffolk.

The CEO said that judging by the current infrastructure spending and research into alternative methods for broadband delivery, the company will be able to reduce ‘slow spots' from 12 per cent to only 2 per cent.

The company plans to deliver super-fast broadband to two-thirds of UK by 2014-2015. BT will also benefit from the broadband fund that the UK government allotted to UK councils. The main hurdle in bringing broadband to rural areas is poor network infrastructure and slow adaptability, which leads to commercial issues.