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AMNews: New Android Security Flaws, Facebook Dorkbot Worm, Kaspersky Quits BSA

Researchers at North Carolina State University have discovered a bunch of flaws in Android and smartphones based on the open source mobile operating system. Rogue apps are able to circumvent the permissions based security system due to flaws plaguing the software running on millions of devices.

Researchers at Columbia University have stated that hackers are capable of setting HP printers on fire even though HP says that it is impossible. In light of these developments, David Goldlatt, the lead plaintiff, filed a class action lawsuit against HP in California on Thursday.

Kaspersky Labs has quit the Business Software Alliance trade group in protest against the US Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). In the US, there is a war raging against the controversial and draconian SOPA which would allow rights holders to obtain permission from the courts to order ISPs, search engines and other online companies to block the ‘accused' website from access by US online users.

Facebook users are being warned against new malware that has affected the social networking platform by spreading through the chat system. According to UK based security software maker Sophos, the platform has been affected with malware that installs Dorkbot worms on target systems.

Oracle announced that the company is revamping its WebLogic Server 12c, which includes enhancements for its cloud computing service. The company declared the latest version of their Java app server will allow enterprises better integration of cloud computing into the company's IT mix.