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Bitdefender Creates Free 'Carrier IQ App Finder' App for Android Devices

As lawsuits are piling up against Carrier IQ and its partners, new apps are surfacing which claim to allow users to detect the tracking app from their smartphone devices.

Security software maker Bitdefender has designed a Carrier IQ Finder app for Android devices.

This app, available from the Android Market for free, requires users tap the icon which activates a search. The app can tell users within seconds whether the Carrier IQ app is installed on their device or not. Unfortunately, it does not allow users to remove the Carrier IQ app once it is detected, as reported by Fox Business.

To remove the app from Android devices, users would have to root their devices and install the fix provided by security researcher, Trevor Eckhart.

It is not clear how to remove the app from RIM and Nokia devices, but users of Apple iOS 5 and higher can disable the feature on their device.

The controversy surrounding the app has caused a huge legal storm for Carrier IQ and its partners. The company maintains it does not track user activities and that the app is used merely to send performance reports back to wireless carriers and device makers.