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Conficker Helped Stuxnet Claims Security Expert

A reputed US security research firm, recently, claimed that the Stuxnet malware that was created for attacking nuclear program of Iran was aided by the 2008 worm Conficker.

John Bumgarner, of the independent organisation US Cyber Consequences Unit (US-CCU) studied numerous connections between these two malware and concluded that both of them are part of the much known anti-Iran program, reported Reuters.

The study by Bumgarner revealed that Conficker was activated on April 1st, 2009, the month and day when Iran was declared as an Islamic Republic 30 years back. Besides, the date of activation there are two other dates when different modules were compiled and in those two dates President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad delivered very important speeches related to this country's nuclear program.

Conficker was created to attack Government computers of Iran in advance to make the systems weak and to let Stuxnet target them later.

Bumgarner stated that, "Conficker was a door kicker. It built out an elaborate smoke screen around the whole world to mask the real operation, which was to deliver Stuxnet."

In November 2009 Conficker was detected for the first time after it infected huge number of PCs. For the record, after one year since its detection it has reached around 7 million systems.