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With eBay iPad App you can Buy Items as they Appear on TV

Have you ever been watching a TV programme and spotted a snazzy outfit or intriguing item you felt you simply must buy as soon as possible?

Well now, a new app developed for iPad allows you to shop for items you see in a TV programme as soon as they appear, the Economic Times reports.

Watch with eBay, a new feature in eBay's app for iPad is different from any shopping channel, as Steve Yankovich, vice-president of mobile at eBay, explains: "the idea is to provide a new form of TV watching entertainment that includes the possibility of shopping and discovering interesting products people never would have discovered otherwise."

The app pops up all the items related to a particular TV show such as outfits worn by actors and actresses, books or films by talk show guests, jerseys of teams at a sporting event.

Even if watching a TV and shopping simultaneously may not seem like something that will catch on (except with shopping channel addicts), a recent study by Yahoo/Nielsen revealed that 86% of smartphone and tablet owners use their mobile device while in front of the TV and almost a quarter of them are searching information about the TV programme they are watching.

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