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Global BBC iPlayer Now Available for iPhones, iPods

Recently, BBC declared that they have widened the scope for the global BBC iPlayer app to cover the iPhone and iPod Touch owners. Until now only the owners of iPad were enabled to use the iPlayer outside the territory of UK.

BBC app, which provides high quality video content, will be available to a wider user base and that too at a low cost. Owners of iPhone, iPod Touch from countries like Canada, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Australia, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, etc. will be able to access the content through their devices. The app, untill now, only allowed users to watch some selected paid content in these countries.

BBC plans to expand this service and non-BBC programs will be available through the player in 2012. Two new categories, ‘Music' and ‘Arts and Culture', will be added to the service along with a few speech radio programs.

At present there is no data available showing the exact number of subscribers of this service. However, Jana Bennett, President Worldwide Networks and Global BBC iPlayer, said that it is not about the number of subscribers but displaying UK's best side to people, reported InTo Mobile.

Bennett, stated, "This platform extension shows how Global iPlayer isn't just about moving TV to tablet devices, it's also about a mobile strategy - about truly getting TV everywhere in a way that it hasn't been before."