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Have you Updated your iPhone to iOS Telluride?

While we all know Google's sweet names for versions of its Android operating system, Apple has adopted a more severe approach delivering cold uninspiring numbers for its iOS.

Maybe intimidated by the playful dessert codes of rival Android, such as Fro(zen)Yo(gurt), Honeycomb, Gingerbread and lately Ice Cream Sandwich, the chaps in Cupertino have just come up with iOS 1 to iOS 5.

However, recently it was revealed that the guys at Apple do have their own pet names for the versions of Apple's operating system, ubergizmo reports. Apple developer Steve Troughton-Smith disclosed on Twitter that Apple employees have used ski resorts as inspiration for the nicknames of different iOS versions.

The first codename used in the hallways of Apple headquarters for iOS 1 was Alpine. This convention was kept until the last upgrade, as iOS 5 was nicknamed Telluride. Even updates have their special names, iOS 5.1 has apparently internally been called Hoodoo.

Other monikers for the operating systems that power the iPad, iPhone and iPod are: Big Bear for version 2.0, Kirkwood for 3.0, Wildcat for the iPad only offering iOS 3.2, and Apex for iOS 4.0.

Some might think it's a pity that Apple decided not to go public with these names, though other Apple fans probably appreciate the simplicity in contrast to Androids puerile sweet-branded OS.

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