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HTC Sales Down by 30% in November

Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC has seen its sales figures drop by around 30 per cent in the month of November.

The drop in sales, something unheard of judging by the company's near-successful run in the US smartphone market, comes as it struggles to compete with rivals Apple and Samsung for smartphone dominance.

The company said that its sales in the month of November were at Taiwanese $30.94 billion, a lot lower than the T$44.11 in October 2011. The figures were lower than the T$38.48 billion in sales it managed to rake up in November last year.

Analysts believe that HTC would have to reinvent itself in a manner in which customers expectantly await the arrival of the next smartphone as Apple fans do. The drop in sales can also attributed to the launch of Apple iPhone 4S.

"Apple fans want the new iPhone model. HTC customers do not have the same desire for the next HTC phone. They need to reinvent themselves. It is difficult for consumers to see what they get if they buy a new HTC phone," analyst John Strand told Reuters.