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A Human Approach to IT : Busting The Jargon Tape

Business jargon is not only confusing but it can also have detrimental effects on business relationships. It is no secret that the IT industry is one of the biggest offenders and whilst you can't avoid all acronyms - some are crucial to the industry - there is no real benefit to using confusing titles and jargon that no one else understands.

I have worked with countless businesses that have been approached by IT companies trying to sell them everything from telephony and servers to software, with one thing in common - they all use jargon heavy language. From WAN to LAN and PDX to ADSL2, this is everyday vocabulary for any IT professional, but meaningless acronyms to the majority of business owners.

Business owners and board directors shouldn't need to waste time trying to understand technical complexities - a partner of a law firm wouldn't expect their client to understand complicated legal terminology - so why should it be any different when it comes to IT.

Today technology is developing more rapidly than ever before and this is impacting on working practices. IT specialists must demonstrate empathy with the ever changing issues and challenges that businesses are facing and come armed with the solutions to tackle these head on, all communicated in a language that the non-techy understands.

From owner managers to board directors, all these business leaders want to know is how the latest products, services and solutions can benefit their business by improving efficiencies and driving down cost, helping them to improve ROI - the one acronym that everyone understands. It's that simple.

There is no question that seeing beyond the jargon and talking exactly how the technology will benefit and safeguard a company will help you make a stronger case to the board by giving confidence that secure in the knowledge that they have access to quality, jargon-free support should they need it.

Simon Richardson brings more than 15 years of IT industry experience to ITogether. Simon manages the overall technical strategy and service delivery of the business as well as its day to day activities and product and service portfolio. An expert in enterprise network security, Simon is focused on driving the growth of ITogether's corporate client base through its world class vendor portfolio and managed services.