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iPad is Top Tablet for Reliability and Satisfaction, Asus comes Second

A new survey of tablet users' satisfaction with their devices confirms why the iPad is way out front while the rest of the tablet brands are lagging behind.

The survey, conducted by PCWorld, was more extensive than other similar attempts we've seen recently, being based on answers provided by 63,000 PCWorld readers. The study was intended to measure reliability and satisfaction inspired by tablets according to three main criteria: reliability, ease of use, and features.

Apple's iPad received high scores for all sub criteria in the reliability section, which for simplicity's sake are categorised as either 'better than average', 'average' or 'worse than average'.

iPad users declared their tablet performs 'better than average' on every count. Tablets from other manufacturers like Asus, Motorola and Toshiba, were considered 'average' on the counts of 'problems on arrival', 'significant/severe problems' and 'overall reliability'.

The tablet manufacturer with the worst reputation seems to be HP, considered 'worse than average' on most of the performance criteria, while Samsung tablets were revealed to have 'severe problems', and Dell tablets also disappoint users with significant problems and reliability.

When it comes to 'ease of use' the iPad registered the highest scores again. iPad users are happy with tablet setup, media playback, syncing data, typing on touch screen and overall ease of use; however Apple's tablet does slip up a bit here, receiving just an 'average' rating for web browsing (probably due to the lack of Flash).

The worst performer in this area was found to be Dell's tablet, being 'worse than average' on 4 out of 6 counts.

For battery life, design, speed, warranty Apple again achieves the highest rating; though the biggest hiccup for the iPad is 'available ports' (or lack there of) where it received its only 'below average' rating.

The second best performing tablet maker in the survey was Asus, whose Eee Pad Transformer with well-designed keyboard dock has been positively received by users and pundits.

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