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iPad 3 with Siri Foreseen in Apple Concept Video

We are all eager to see how the next generation iPad will turn out and what exciting new features Apple has in store for us.

Most expect to see the Siri voice assistant integrated in the forthcoming iPad 3 in some form or another; and who better to give us an idea of how the feature might look than Apple itself.

Apple's vision of a tablet device integrating a user-friendly graphical, touchscreen and voice-control interface goes as far back as the mid-80s, when Apple created this concept video in 1987 (courtesy of

One of Apple's main aims has always been to create the simplest and most effective user interface possible, and due to the vision of Steve Jobs and others, the company has been at the forefront of computing over last three decades.

Thirty years ago, Steve Jobs saw the first graphical interface at XEROX PARC and he dreamed about a computer that could make the best use of it. Consequently, now we have computer screens filled with icons and resizable windows, which all started with the Macintosh and its graphical user interface, unveiled in 1984.

Twenty years later, Steve Jobs decided to get rid of keyboard and mouse and to let people use their fingertips to interact with tablets. Touchscreens became the simplest user interface of the moment.

Now, with Siri on the scene, the voice controlled user interface has really arrived. Apple will undoubtedly expand the latest feature to its entire range of iDevices, adding the final piece of the jigsaw (from that initial 1987 concept that is, no doubt thought control will come along somewhere down the road!).

While Apple and Jobs didn't invent touchscreens, voice-recognition technology and the like, they did have the vision, drive and expertise to bring them all together and make their vision of the future real.

Read about how the story of how the eighties Concept Video came about, here via CultOfMac.

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