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Kindle Fire Could Control Half of Android Tablet Market by 2012

Robert Cihra, an analyst at Evercore Partners, claims that Kindle Fire, which is only available in the United States for now, will enjoy 50 percent in the US Android tablet market in 2012.

According to an article on Fortune, the analyst states that it is the only tablet to give some kind of competition to the Apple iPad on the basis of cost.

The main selling point of the device is that it is available for $200 while the cheapest iPad costs around $500.

"While Amazon's Kindle Fire has come out of the gates strong, as expected, we see Apple maintaining its competitive lead, if anything accentuated by what now looks like the only tablet to so far mount any credible iPad challenge apparently needing to do so by selling at cost; not to mention Amazon's success may just vaporize other "for profit" Android tablet OEM roadmaps (e.g., we est Amazon 50% of all Android tablets in CY12)," Cihra said in a research note to clients.

While the Kindle Fire seems to be doing well in the US, Amazon has failed to reveal a UK release date.

The Daily Mail reports that sources close to Amazon have told Know Your Mobile that the company plans to release the tablet in the UK in January.