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Microsoft Introduces CRM Software with Social Networking Capabilities

Recently, Microsoft released the latest version of their customer relations management solution "CRM R7 2011" in India which has integrated social networking capacities.

"CRM R7 2011 integrates social capabilities into Microsoft Dynamics CRM and further strengthens service and marketing processes for businesses," said Microsoft Dynamics India Group Director, Subhomoy Sengupta.

Sengupta further added, "Its integration with Office 365 makes the value proposition for customers even more compelling," as reported by Times of India.

Basically, Microsoft's CRM solutions help various companies manage interactions with clients, customers and sales prospects.

Employees using CRM software will be able to interact in real-time which will strengthen lead generation and improve customer relations.

The latest software will be accessible via Windows 7 smartphone and also from cloud.

Sengupta added, "The new CRM update delivers social capabilities allowing our customers to build more productive relationships. The social productivity service reinforces our commitment to deliver familiar, connected and intelligent experiences."

Microsoft is a global company that has a presence in almost in all countries - in India it recently crossed another milestone; obtaining 2000 customers through Microsoft Dynamics.