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Microsoft Plans Mid-2012 Launch of Windows Phone 7 in China

Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 was originally scheduled to be launched later this year, however, the company said on Saturday they are expecting to launch it during first half of 2012 in China.

At present, Microsoft is investing its efforts to, "ensure local citizens have a great experience with Windows Phones", and is closely engaged with their Chinese partners to which channels and determine when the latest Windows Phones will be made available in this region, the company statement clarified.

Microsoft is in talks with various Chinese smartphone makers like ZTE, Lenovo and Huawei Technologies regarding the development of Windows Phone 7 devices for the huge number of Chinese consumers, reports PC World.

The reason behind the delay is that the company wants some more time to negotiate a worthy deal with their Chinese partners and also refine the operating system for consumers in China.

This was confirmed by Mark Natkin the managing director for Marbridge Consulting.

China has grown to be a major market for smartphones and, in China, Microsoft has a strong partnership with Nokia, which could be beneficial for both companies.