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Nintendo 3DS sales hit three million

Nintendo has sold over three million units of the 3DS portable gaming system, with president of the Japanese gaming company Satoru Iwata saying that he felt the console had "regained its momentum."

Much of this resurgence in 3DS gaming has been put down to new versions of first party titles like Mario Kart, which sold almost half a million copies in the first few days of December. In the same week of its release, Nintendo was able to push over 215,000 3DS consoles in Japan alone.

TechCrunch has it that Iwata believes Nintendo will pass four million global unit sales of the hand-held by February next year, thanks to higher sales during the Christmas period and the continued strong sales of its own games. He has a point too, as the 3DS launched with no real first party titles to speak of, leaving it to flounder without any strong games to help push sales. Now though with the release of the new kart-based Mario game and his new platform outing Super Mario 3D Land - which has sold over 500,000 copies in the US alone - Nintendo's handheld may have turned a corner.

Nintendo has also issued an update for the platform, and its latest firmware release for the 3DS updated the eShop service and added the ability to record 3D video with the hand-held's built in camera.

The eShop can now be used in conjunction with real world advertisements, with users scanning a 2D matrix code using the 3DS camera which takes them directly to the product's page. From there they can find out more information on the game or perhaps download the demo - another new feature of the eShop. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.