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Verizon is the Main Beneficiary of iPhone 4S Intro

Obviously, Apple's new flagship device, the record breaking iPhone 4S, has brought many subscribers to all three US carriers who managed to cut a deal with the Cupertino bigwigs.

However, Verizon seems to be winning the most new contracts as a result of having the iPhone 4S in its lineup, Cnet reports.

According to J.P. Morgan's readjusted forecast, Verizon is expected to receive 1.2 million postpaid subscribers during the fourth quarter; by comparison, AT&T is estimated to add 450,000 and Sprint 250,000 new subscribers.

The demand is even higher than stocks can cover, but the interested buyers don't seem to mind waiting. The delivery time for the most talked about smartphone of the moment is two weeks for Verizon and AT&T subscribers, and one week for Sprint customers.

Overall iPhone sales so far (not just 4S) are about 12 million units at the three carriers, with the leader AT&T managing to attract 6 million buyers, Verizon having around 4 million subscribers and Sprint offering between 1.7 and 2 million iPhones on its network.

Though higher sales are obviously good news for carriers, it can lead to tighter margins in the short term, as they have to pay Apple significant subsidies per unit sold. JP Morgan analysts estimate that Verizon's subsidy on each iPhone 4S is about $350, AT&T's at $375, and Sprint's at close to $400.

Some carriers even rejected the iPhone 4S, as they felt Apple was trying to squeeze too much out of the deal.

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