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£124.98 F&H FH-24LMJEuh 24” LED Full HD 1080P LCD TV

The F&H FH-24LMJEuh 24-inch LCD TV is one of the most affordable and yet comes with features that are comparable with any high-end, high-priced LCD out there. If you are looking for an early Christmas bargain, this could be it.

First of all is the ultra-slim design that fits perfectly just about anywhere be it your living room, bed room, kitchen or even the bath room. It is perfect in case of the F&H FH-24LMJEuh that size doesn't matter. The innovative technologies, functionality and efficiency make this LCD TV future ready and would let you connect almost all gadgets out there.

The USB PVR technology lets you play movies, songs and view your photos on a USB drive directly on your TV. This technology also lets you record your favourite TV shows onto a USB drive. You can playback the video later either on the TV or your PC.

The LCD comes with a variety of connections such as HDMI, USB, SCART, VGA, Audio in/out, etc. The VGA port allows you to extend the display of your PC onto the TV. The TV is wall mountable as well thus saving space in your room.

eBuyer is offering the F&H FH-24LMJEuh 24in LED Full HD 1080P LCD TV for £124.98 (promo code - 4TY4NJTH8).