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Alibaba Group Seeks $4 Billion to Buy Back 40% Stake Held by Yahoo!

Word on the street is that the Alibaba Group is currently seeking a hefty amount - somewhere around $4 billion in debt financing.

According to Reuters, a deal is currently expected which would enable the e-commerce giant from China to buy back a massive 40 percent stake in the company, currently held by the Internet giant Yahoo! Inc. Apparently, the Reuters report cites information taken from unnamed sources - presumably those with some sort of access to the latest happenings behind closed doors.

It is worth noting that as Alibaba Group is private, there is hardly any way one could find a public figure regarding the actual value of Yahoo's stake in the company. Some claim the amount is somewhere closer to the $9 billion mark, though.

"Sources close to the matter said Rothschild, which is acting as debt adviser to Alibaba, had sent out term sheets to banks requesting underwritten proposals for the debt financing," reads the Reuters report.

The report adds that the tenor of the debt is likely to be close to a maximum of three years or so.