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Apple is Hiring More Engineers to Help Siri Grow

The team working on Siri has already been revealed to be "one of the largest software teams at Apple," but apparently they still don't have enough engineers working on the project.

In order to improve Siri's capabilities further, Apple is looking to fill some new positions. The job descriptions suggest that Apple intends to add new features to Siri, AppleInsider reports.

The improvement of the User Interface as well as an Application Programming Interface seem to be top priorities for the company in its plans for Siri's evolution. Also, other job openings suggest that Apple is working on introducing Siri in other languages.

The tasks for the new Language Technology Engineers would consist in "bringing new languages to Siri, Apple's new personal assistant technology for iPhone, as well as other cloud based services."

There are already rumours about Apple collecting voice samples among native speakers of various languages.

With Siri Apple decided to release it in beta stage, a move Apple doesn't normally take. However, for voice recognition technology, this was the only possible way, since it can only improve as it "learns" from the tasks it performs when it is widely used.

For the teams working on Siri the project is "an entire miniature OS within the OS".

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