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Apple Tops Customer Satisfaction Survey Across The Board

In an extensive survey conducted by PCWorld, questioning 63,000 readers, Apple emerged victorious in all the categories it could enter: smartphones, laptops, tablets and desktops, MacWorld reports.

In the smartphone section, PCWorld readers considered iPhones the only handsets performing 'better than average' within each section inluding: phone setup, Internet browsing, data syncing, music/video location and playback, and overall ease of use.

According to the respondents the smartphones from Samsung and LG are the least easy to use. When it comes to reliability, Apple was voted the most trustworthy while Research in Motion, Palm and Samsung came towards the bottom of the list.

When the users were asked about their laptop experiences, Apple again was found to be number one. PCWorld noted that Apple's approval rating for reliability has risen from 82 to 90 percent since a similar survey in 2008. The only two criteria where Apple missed the customers' votes were "performance for price" and "ports".

The survey related to the tablet market revealed no true surprises. We all know this market is dominated by the iPad and Apple couldn't miss the top rank. There were again two areas where it was considered below par, or rather below 'better than average', being the 'number of ports' (again) and 'web browsing' - which probably has something to do with the lack of flash support. Asus performed quite well; but Acer, Dell and ViewSonic tablets did not receive much praise.

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