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Bill Gates, China Looking to Revamp Nuclear Reactors

Microsoft co-founder and Chairman Bill Gates is in talks with Chinese companies for making a new type of nuclear reactor.

According to The Register, Gates is in talks with the China National Nuclear Corporation to build new types of nuclear reactors that will be run on radioactive waste, which is otherwise dumped and causes great harm to the environment.

The system for the nuclear reactors, which is being built by Intellectual Venture, is called travelling wave reactor.

TerraPower, which has Bill Gates as one of its funders, is taking the technology to the market. The nuclear reactors being built by the companies will not require any kind of refuelling as long as it is working and would use depleted uranium to power itself.

The Associated Press reported that Gates claims that around a billion dollars would be required over the next five years to build a working model of the reactor.

"The idea is to be very low cost, very safe and generate very little waste," Gates told the Chinese Ministry of Science & Technology.