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BlackBerry 10 Preview Released

Last week, the BBX (now BlackBerry 10) road map preview was released with the final version scheduled for next year.

In fact, a number of codenames were released at the same time such as BlackBerry Nevada, Lisbon, and Milan for the upcoming QNX-based phone - the details of which are not yet available.

The first image of the BlackBerry Milan is out now, however, which has erased any doubts regarding the next generation BlackBerry 10 phones.

Even though the exact details and internal specifications are not yet available, the image speaks volumes - it is a slider phone with full QWERTY keyboard.

This new generation device will have an amazing high power display with high pixel density, expected to be better than iPhone 4's retina display.

The phone's design is considered very interesting and elegant with the rounded corner at the top and sharp edge at the bottom, as reported by

The image gives the impression that the BlackBerry 10 will be different from previous versions. The new device will feature an optical trackpad with call, menu, hang up and back buttons to give the phone a more PlayBook-like experience despite having a QWERTY keyboard.