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Facebook 'Add Friends' App for NFC Android Smartphones

A new Android app uses near fields communications technology to allow users to add Facebook friends by tapping their devices together.

According to an article on Redmond Pie, the Add Friends app is available for Android based devices capable of NFC (Near Field Communication).

"Touch 2 mobiles back-to-back to become friends on Facebook. You make a new friend, at a party, a diner, a bar, a conference ... Add him/her to Facebook via mobile ... instantaneously ... even offline," as per the description on Market.

The number of Android devices currently in the market with NFC capabilities are limited, but the feature will become an industry standard in 2012.

The app allows users to add people to their Facebook friends list by merely tapping their Android smartphone with another one. However, the app has to be installed on the other phone and it must support NFC.

Add Friends will come in handy when people want to add new people to their social networking account at a party or conference. The next step for the app will probably be to add support for other social networks like Twitter and Google + and branch out to other platforms.