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Google Goggles App More User-Friendly

The new Google Goggles app allows users do numerous things such as add new contacts, translate foreign texts, learn about new art forms and even improve skills in solving Soduku, as per user interest.

The Goggles 1.7 version for Android makes the visual search experience faster and provides better search results. Improvements include better text recognition, continuous mode and contributed results features.

These three features will help immensely to improve search results. For example, If Google Goggle recognises part of the search text, users will get results that closely match that particular part.

Continuous mode allows users to find images easily without having to use a photograph to locate images online. This mode works perfectly with products, books, landmarks and also artwork, as reported on the Google Mobile Blog.

Goggles 1.4 version also takes suggestions from users to improve search results - this is due to numerous suggestions received over the period of time.

The latest 1.7 version is available for all the Android devices and can easily be downloaded from the Android Market.