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Google To Launch Flipboard Rival "Very Soon"

Google's answer to Flipboard, the news reading app for tablets, will be launched very soon if an article published by Kara Swisher, from All things Digital is to be believed.

The application will be called Currents (as in river currents we presume, an analogy to the flow of news), rather than "Propeller" (which is what normally powers a boat when navigating a river).

Steve Kovach of Business Insider quips that the site has "a ton of screenshots" possibly held under NDA, but that they have "no idea what it will look like", which doesn't really make sense.

We suspect that Currents will be a cleaner and more logical user interface for Google Reader, which may borrow a few tips from one of Google's recently retired online projects, Fastflip.

How online publishers will react to Currents remains to be seen. It would be interesting if somehow Google could tie the service to a freemium model, but we suspect that this won't be the case.

Flipboard has been one of the most popular tablet applications on the market, and its clever interface has earned it critical acclaim as well as a significant user base.

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