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Google+ Updates Include New Search and Chat Features

Recently, Google+ announced an update for their Android application. The updates will have lots of new features including a new search function.

Google is primarily a online search based company, so it was surprising when Google's Android app initially did not support it.

A search bar at the top portion of the app will enable users to search for anything, be it name or even keywords to search for a post or profile. However, images are not part of the search feature.

The Google+ app updates also include video uploading support with the option to add "+1" on images and post comments, reports Venture Beat.

Improvements to chat features are also included in the update. Gchat users can now see who is online and available for chatting. Also, users can view when another user is typing something in the chat box.

The messenger function also enables users to start online conversations by simply entering another user's phone number. The new Google+ updates will hopefully help this social networking site gain more users. With these new features, users will be better able to communicate with friends and family online.