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ICO Imposes £130,000 on Powys Country Council

In what could be termed as a smack in the face of the Powys country council, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has decided to impose a hefty fine of £130,000 on the organisation.

The amount, which is believed to be the highest so far imposed by the ICO on any organisation has come in the wake of an alleged violation of the country Data Protection Act by Powys country council.

According to the allegations, the council sent sensitive details in a child protection case to the wrong recipients.

The ICO also issued an enforcement notice which will force Powys country council to make further improvements on its existing data protection policies. From now on, the entire staff of the council will have to go through official training regarding the protection of all sensitive data as per the UK Data Protection

"This is the third UK council in as many weeks to receive a monetary penalty for disclosing sensitive information about vulnerable people. It's the most serious case yet and it has attracted a record fine," said Anne Jones, assistant commissioner for Wales, according to a report by the Guardian.