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Late News: Opera 11.6, Microsoft Flight Beta, Miyamoto Not Retiring, Verizon Wants 4G on Windows Phone

Opera Software, on Tuesday, launched Opera 11.6 that would serve as an interim version of its browser while it continues its work on version 12, which will be equipped with hardware acceleration. Version 11.6 has latest HTML parser named as Ragnarok by Opera. Opera 11.6 comes with a revamped address bar that shows likely destinations more accurately while the user is typing.

Microsoft has started accepting applications for the closed beta trial of its new flight simulation platform, Microsoft Flight. Microsoft on the Microsoft Flight registration page has stated that the beta will begin in January 2012 and it is accepting applications for the trials.

One of the leading defence contractors for the UK government has opted not to use Microsoft's cloud computing platform as it fears that its data might be accessible to the US government under the Patriot Act.

Nintendo has announced that the creator of such characters as Mario and Donkey Kong, Shigeru Miyamoto, will not be retiring from the company, despite an interview suggesting that was the case.

Verizon has asked Microsoft to speed up and bring out 4G enabled Windows Phone 7 devices as soon as possible. Verizon has revealed that they have notified Microsoft about the importance of 4G and as it stands, not having 4G is the biggest hurdle for Verizon in promoting Windows Phone handsets.