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Microsoft Looking at Beaming Technology for Win 8, WP8 and Xbox 720

Microsoft is planning to take the ‘tap and share' technology to another level through the next versions of Windows Phone, Windows desktop operating system and Xbox.

The Redmond based operating system giant sees immense potential in this technology and is going to incorporate the feature across all its platforms and is going to call it "beaming".

Beaming will enable users to transfer their data wirelessly between all the three major platforms of Microsoft. According to speculations, this feature will be utilising Bluetooth, NFC as well as Wi-Fi Direct pairing technology.

This new technology will provide the kind of experience which is somewhat similar to what Infusion Direct, Microsoft and BNP Paribas displayed in their video concept namely "Future of Retail Banking", reported Geek.

Beaming may allow Windows Phone to be used as portable profile access device. Users, by taking the smartphone near an Xbox 360 console, can gain instant access to the Live account as well as achievements.

This will even be possible with the Windows 8 computers. As a matter of fact, as the yet-to-be-released operating system will support Windows Live logins this feature will definitely work on it.