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Microsoft Outs Xbox Live App for iOS Devices

Software giant Microsoft has dished out the Xbox Live app for Apple's iOS platform which will allow users to manage their Xbox Live accounts from their iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad devices.

The company launched the app silently without much fanfare, as it started its campaign for Xbox Live on Windows Phone 7.

The iOS app, available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, allows users to change and manage Live avatar, manage friend list, compare achievement with friends and send and receive friend requests.

Unlike the Windows Phone 7 Xbox Live app, the iOS version does not allow users to search and play games and content on Xbox Live and nor does it allows users to control the content on the Xbox 360 console.

"Xbox LIVE has released the official Xbox LIVE app for iOS owners. This is a universal iOS app. This free app will allow you to stay connected to the Xbox LIVE community when you are away from your console," Major Nelson wrote in a blog post.

The Windows Phone 7 Xbox Live app, which works together with a new Xbox 360 dashboard update, allows users to remotely control the content being played on Xbox 360, like pause, play and forward music and videos that are being streamed.