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Microsoft Windows Phone Mango Recieves Update to "What's New" Feed

The Windows Phones Mango has a "What's New" feed in the "picture hub" that displays the latest images uploaded by friends in their social network profiles like Facebook and Windows Live. These images are convenient and allow people to see what's going on without having to sign in.

Usually, users only see image updates for Facebook displayed in that area; some posts on Twitter do not show a thumbnail image when images are updated. Instead, the posts from Twitter only display links to the latest image.

Recently, though, many users have noticed Twitter updates in the "picture hub" are now displayed with thumbnail image. This indirectly means Microsoft has done some internal work to images from Twitter filtered through normal Twitter streams and have placed them in the "picture hub" where they should go, reports Pocket Now.

Microsoft is putting in every effort to gain prominence by making lots of changes to its mobile operating system. They have also collaborated with major mobile manufacturers to ensure that they capture maximum place in the marketplace. Hopefully, these changes to the "What's New" feed help in making Mango and other Microsoft operating systems even more popular.