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NAVX Drags Google to Paris Commercial Court, Seeks €23M in Damages

French provider of content for navigation software "NAVX" declared that they will file a lawsuit against Google in Commercial Court of Paris. The company has alleged that the search engine giant is abusing its dominant position and thus seeking €23 million as damages.

In the month of June 2010 the French company NAVX won a suit when the French Competition Authority held that Google have actually abused their dominant position to close the NAVX AdWords account in the month of November 2009.

Google decided to shut the account because they felt that advertising for speedcam warning databases might just breach their content policy, reported GPS Business News.

During that past ruling the French Competition Authority held that Google has discriminated NAVX as compared to the rest of players in the Speedcam warning market like Coyote, SCDB and Wikango and PND manufacturers Garmin and also TomTom.

According to the estimation by the French Authority, NAVX through the use of Google AdWords generated 39 per cent to 54 per cent out of their total revenue in the year 2009. For this reason NAVX is looking to get €23 million in damages after their account was blocked.