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Nokia Maps 3D Receives Update

Nokia, through its company blog, has declared that its web based 3D map service, Nokia Maps 3D, has received an update that includes new sharing, navigating and search options.

Nokia Maps 3D, found at, now includes 3D imagery of 25 cities located around the world. The 25 cities includes Berlin, London, Barcelona, Chicago, New York, Milan, Rome, and Los Angeles.

To view 3D versions of a map the user must install a browser extension and restart the browser first.

The new updates, along with Nokia's 3D imagery feature, has created a very interesting and eye catching application, especially the zoom in and zoom out feature.

The search function is also another highlight. By simply entering addresses and names of businesses or points of interests one can locate an exact position. Search results display interesting details like reviews, images, special features, business hours and ratings, reports Mashable.

Nokia introduced the Nokia Maps 3D in April of this year. The application has since become very popular and is well-liked by users all over the world. These updates are sure to only increase this applications popularity.