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Noon News: Xbox Live App for iOS Devices, Verizon Outage, T-Mobile Accepts Carrier IQ usage

Microsoft has dished out the Xbox Live app for Apple's iOS platform which will allow users to manage their Xbox Live accounts from their iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad devices. The company launched the app silently without much fanfare, as it started its campaign for Xbox Live on Windows Phone 7.

According to two sources close to Apple, the company is planning to set up a data centre in the high desert of Oregon. According to reports, Apple is using a mysterious codename "Maverick" to discuss about their plans with the local officials. The possible location of the data centre will be just down the road from where the data centre of Facebook is.

US mobile network Verizon has confirmed that it is suffering a nation-wide outage of its next-generation 4G 'Long Term Evolution' network, with users dropping back to 3G speeds - or losing data connectivity altogether.

OnLive is expanding from the PC and micro-console markets, launching clients for Android and iOS devices as it announces a new head for its UK arm. OnLive shot to fame when it launched a cloud-powered gaming service in the US, which shunts the heavy lifting of PC gaming - the rendering of complex scenes, which traditionally requires a powerful graphics card for high-quality visuals - off to remote server farms in order to allow cheaper PCs to play the latest games.

T-Mobile admitted to using Carrier IQ app in its smartphones after Research in Motion denied having anything to do with it. RIM released a statement denying using Carrier IQ after it emerged that three BlackBerry smartphones, the BlackBerry 9900, 9360 and 9810, on T-Mobile were carrying it.