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Opera Serves Interim Version 11.6, Opera 12 with Hardware Acceleration Delayed

Opera Software, on Tuesday, launched Opera 11.6 that would serve as an interim version of its browser while it continues its work on version 12, which will be equipped with hardware acceleration.

Version 11.6 has latest HTML parser named as Ragnarok by Opera. Opera 11.6 comes with a revamped address bar that shows likely destinations more accurately while the user is typing. The latest Opera gives better performance and at the same time it is capable of rendering various websites with better accuracy states Opera.

This has been confirmed by Jan Standal who is the vice president of Opera's desktop software, reported Computer World.

Opera has also incorporated a feature called "Speed Dial" through which users will be able to see thumbnail pictures of their favourite sites. Opera also revamped the user interface for the built-in email clients and has added support for many HTML and HTML 5 standards. The new version also incorporates support for Google's JSON geolocation API.

Standal said, "We will ship [Opera 12] when it's ready". The vice president also accepted that the Opera 11.6 happens to be the interim edition and the company had to release it as they are running late with the Opera 12.