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Oracle Suffers Blow in Google Android Lawsuit as ‘Important’ Patent Rejected

Oracle faced a setback in its on-going patent infringement lawsuit against Google as US Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) rejected one of its Java related patents. Oracle has accused Google of infringement java patents through Android operating system.

PTO upheld Oracle's claim on one of the other patents though. On Wednesday, in a joint court filling, Patents and Trademark Office, US revealed the rejection and the acceptance of the patents. The recent ruling by PTO might prove to be good as well as bad for both sides but, legal experts believe that the decision of the PTO to reject Oracle's patent might overweigh the acceptance of other patent.

The ruling was filed in the US District Court for the Northern District of California and it shows that Oracle is continuing its efforts to go ahead for a jury trial at the beginning of 2012 whereas on the other hand, Google is contending that the trial is not possible before July, reported Computer World.

Last year, Google Inc. was sued by Oracle on the ground of violating Java-related patents on the Android software. Oracle acquired the patents via acquisition of Sun Microsystems.