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Apple iMac to fall behind Lenovo in All-In-One PC Market

The burgeoning popularity of the stylish but rather expensive all-in-one PCs (AIO) is set to slow down after undergoing growth of nearly 50 per cent over two consecutive years. According to Joseph Tsai of Digitimes, annual growth for AIO's will drop down to under 20 per cent in 2012, with shipments tallying nearly 16 million units.

By the end of next year, AIO's will account for around one in every nine desktop computers sold worldwide.

Digitimes, which produced the research documents asserts that Apple will lose its status as the biggest all-in-one computer maker (with the Apple iMac range) to Lenovo, while seeing its yearly shipments for the model remain below 4 million units, less than a quarter of the total AIO shipment figures.

This could be due to the fact that Intel-based AIOs tend to be refreshed at a faster rate, and therefore not only reduce prices significantly but also offer the latest components.

Lenovo is expected to become the market leader selling 4 million AIOs in 2012 with Apple stuck at around 3.8 million and HP rising a little to 2.8 million. All other vendors will either stagnate or experience a modest rise in shipment figures.

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