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Super Talent Aims at Enthusiast Market With TeraNova Solid-State Drive Family

Super Talent has announced its entry into the high-end enthusiast storage market with the TeraNova series of high-speed, high-capacity solid-state drives (SSDs.)

Described by the company as the fastest drives it has released to date, the TeraNova SSDs boast read and write speeds of over 500MB/s, making them one of the fastest drives available at retail today.

Based around a 2.5-inch form factor for use in both desktop and laptop systems, the TeraNova SSDs are designed as upgrades for enthusiast users, but it's not just the gamers that are targeted: Super Talent is keen to point out that professional applications including Adobe Photoshop, Premier, Maya and 3DS Max can all be accelerated by installation of a TeraNova drive.

With shipping beginning today in the US, the current TeraNova series spans across 60GB, 120GB, 240GB and 480GB capacities.

While solid-state storage devices have still to make an impact in the mainstream, their use is becoming increasingly popular in the mobile and enthusiast markets: many ultra-slim laptops - and all smartphones and tablets - feature solid-state storage as standard, with no option for a traditional spinning-platter hard drive, while the near-instantaneous seek times and high-speed throughput of the drives makes them popular with enthusiasts and professional users for whom cost is of minor concern.

Sadly, the devices are still considerably more expensive on a per-gigabyte basis than magnetic storage, meaning their uses is usually relagated to a small primary 'boot' drive with a cheaper magnetic hard drive providing mass storage facilities.

UK pricing details have yet to be confirmed by Super Talent for the TeraNova series.