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Ultrabooks To Feature Touchscreen Capabilities?

Ultrabook models coming up towards the end of the year might feature touch panels according to anonymous industry sources.

Yenting Chen and Steve Shen from Digitimes report that notebook makers will bring these panels to ultrabooks in order to deliver one of the most exciting new features on Windows 8 - touch capabilities.

Doing so may allow Ultrabooks to deliver the same level of functionality as tablets, which is proving to be a tough cookie to crack.

Digitimes says that suppliers of LCD panels and touch modules have started to deliver samples to notebook members although it declined to name names.

Ultrabook shipments for Acer are expected to reach 210,000 units by November while those for the Asus Zenbook are likely to top 170,000 units by year's end. Although pitched at a much higher price range, Ultrabooks are nearer to the netbook laptops sold a couple of years ago that it would appear.

Like Netbooks, their production is carefully regimented by Intel, sans Microsoft this time around which means that the fundamental parts won't change, which in turn means that the differentiating factors will be limited.

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