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Verizon Wants 4G Support in Windows Phone 7

US mobile phone carrier Verizon has asked Microsoft to speed up and bring out 4G enabled Windows Phone 7 devices as soon as possible.

According to c|net, Verizon has revealed that they have notified Microsoft about the importance of 4G and as it stands, not having 4G is the biggest hurdle for Verizon in promoting Windows Phone handsets.

Verizon asserted that Microsoft must move to the fourth generation wireless network if it wants to have Verizon, the second largest wireless carrier in the United States, as its partner.

"We've communicated to Microsoft that LTE is critical to us. We need to see a timeline that makes sense if we want to continue to represent them." said Verizon's chief marketing officer Marni Walden.

The ultimatum comes as Verizon is in the process of putting up a wide range of 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) devices in its portfolio for next month.

4G technology is critical for wireless carriers who are struggling with an already saturated smartphone market. Each carrier is rushing to be the first to provide a wide range of 4G devices and enhance the cover of its network.