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Xbox Companion App Available for Windows Phone

The Xbox Companion app for Microsoft's Windows Phone is out in the market for download.

A senior manager at Microsoft's Windows Phone team, Tim McDowd, disclosed the news today. McDowd also added that the new update which is ready for downloading, comes with a number of new features.

In a blog post, the senior manager wrote, "I've also featured another new game you'll want to check out that hit Marketplace today: Hasta La Muerte, " as published in the Windows Phone Blog.

The free Xbox Companion app for Windows Phone enables a direct connection between Windows Phone and Xbox LIVE experiences. It also conducts online searches using the Bing search engine and controls content from Xbox LIVE Marketplace - directly from the Windows Phone.

"Once you launch a movie, show or song, your phone becomes a remote control to play and control videos and music on your Xbox 360," McDowd added.

McDows also gave some interesting insights about the new game such as it has unique graphics, that the game is exclusive for the Windows Phone, and such other minor details. While these details do not betray much, it is still exciting to hear about.