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10 Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts to Get Things Done Faster

Windows 8 has arrived in a developer preview version, giving a chance to all those Windows enthusiasts to have a peek at the various features to help them imagine the next era of computer and portable device use. Most of us wouldn't have had the chance to test this OS on touch-only device, like a tablet, and all the work was done using the classic keyboard and mouse. Well, the transition to the Metro style UI may have been painful, but we are here to change it around. Today, we are going to present you some casual ways of using Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts, allowing you to navigate faster.

The following combinations are designed to use in Metro mode or in the classic desktop layout, some of them being compatible with both UI (user interface) formats. The full list is very long, but we thought to present only the most representative ones that would help day to day users to carry out their work faster. Here they are:

1. Windows key + number: This is used to switch to the classic desktop and launch the first application located in the taskbar, if you let's say press the Win+1 combination. The order is taken from left to right.

2. Windows key + E: As featured in Windows 7, this trick switches the panel to the old-school desktop and opens My Computer, in the explorer mode.

3. Windows + F: Opens the search menu. If you replace the F key with Q, Windows will only search amongst applications.

4. Windows + L: Quickly locks down the computer, taking you to the lock screen.

5. Windows + O: This is an interesting trick for tablet users, allowing you to toggle the orientation switch. Comes very handy when you've taken a photo in the wrong mode and you want to see it as stretched as possible.

6. Windows + Z: This opens the Application bar in a Metro style view.

7. Windows + Arrow keys: Just like in Win 7, this will easily set any opened window on the sides of your screen, using Aero Snap. Unfortunately, this is only available in the classic desktop mode.

8. Windows + M: Pressing this combo will minify the highlighted window.

9. Windows + R: Classically opens the Run menu to start that advanced tweaking operation.

10.Windows + C: Opens the Charms menu, right alongside the time/date/notification tray.

Besides all of these, there are also some hidden tricks or shall I say, different ways of accomplishing some tasks. For example, you can bypass the casual lock-screen by double-clicking on the background, reveal a hidden Start Menu in the Metro UI by tapping on the bottom line and many others. You can also search for anything just by typing while in the Metro mode and, believe it or not, the well-known Ctrl+Alt+Delete combination of keys has been changed to Ctrl+Shift+Esc.

All these tips and tricks and a whole bunch more are discussed here, so check it out.