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AMNews: Apple iMac with TV, Xbox Companion App, BlackBerry OS 10, Nokia Maps 3D Updated

Apple is reportedly planning to introduce a new iMac with TV capabilities, an analyst claims. According to an article on Boy Genius Report, Wedge Partners analyst Brian Blair claims that the company will launch an iMac with TV capabilities before its HDTV offering.

The Xbox Companion app for Microsoft's Windows Phone is out in the market for download. A senior manager at Microsoft's Windows Phone team, Tim McDowd, disclosed the news today. McDowd also added that the new update which is ready for downloading, comes with a number of new features.

Nokia, through its company blog, has declared that its web based 3D map service, Nokia Maps 3D, has received an update that includes new sharing, navigating and search options. Nokia Maps 3D, found at, now includes 3D imagery of 25 cities located around the world.

Last week, the BBX (now BlackBerry 10) road map preview was released with the final version scheduled for next year. In fact, a number of codenames were released at the same time such as BlackBerry Nevada, Lisbon, and Milan for the upcoming QNX-based phone - the details of which are not yet available.

The UK Information Commissioner's Office, the regulator responsible for data and privacy protection, claims that it has made significant progress in bringing down the number of spam text messages sent in the UK. Spam messages sent via text cost customers and others money.